World Leaders with lockdown Beards

2020 hasnt been great for everyone we found a fun piece of content by Take a look below at some of what the world leaders would look like if hairdressers had never reopened.

Boris Johnson

🇬🇧 Prime Minister

Boris said recently that he was starting to grow dreadlocks because he hadn’t had a haircut for so long, so he’ll be pleased that the hairdressers are finally back open. If they had remained closed for much longer, we might have had a very shaggy looking Prime Minister.

Donald Trump

🇺🇸 President

Trump’s infamous combover might have been compromised had he not had access to a hairdresser during lockdown. He is very particular who touches his do, telling the Hollywood Reporter “the only one I allow to touch my hair is Melania” in 2016.

Vladimir Putin

🇷🇺 President

Known for his love of riding horses shirtless and fishing, Vladimir’s lockdown beard would help him keep warm during his holidays in the Russian wilderness.

Emmanuel Macron

🇫🇷 President

French President Emmanuel Macron normally opts for a clean shaven look like most politicians. However, his potential new lockdown haircut reminds us of a young Bilbo Baggins played by Martin Freeman, minus the beard of course.

Angela Merkel

🇩🇪 Chancellor

German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to have done the best job of any leader when tackling the pandemic, meaning she could re-open hairdresser early to tackle her long locks.

Justin Trudeau

🇨🇦 Prime Minister

Justin Trudeau’s potential lockdown beard game would suit him the most when compared to the other world leaders on our list. Wouldn’t you agree?

Nicola Sturgeon

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 First Minister

Nicola Sturgeon versus Boris Johnson has been an ongoing feature of lockdown, and you have to admit she’s winning!

Shinzō Abe

🇯🇵 Prime Minister

They say growing a beard makes you look 10 years older, and this is certainly the case for Japanese PM Shinzō Abe.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

🇹🇷 President

Normally opting for a moustache without a full beard, we think Turkish President Erdoğan might have used lockdown to try something new had the barbers remained closed much longer.

Jair Bolsonaro

🇧🇷 President

Perhaps the most menacing of all our lockdown haircut and beard images, Brazil’s President wouldn’t look out of place as a Bond villain.

Kim Jong Un

🇰🇵 Supreme Leader

The North Korean dictator only allows 15 state-approved haircuts in the entire nation. However this policy might have gone out the window without access to a barber.

Xi Jinping

🇨🇳 Chairman

Famously banning Winnie the Pooh from China because of comparisons made about him, we think Chairman Xi might have grown a beard to hide the embarrassment!

Scott Morrison

🇦🇺 Prime Minister

Recently told to “get off the grass!” by an angry citizen while doing an interview on Australian television, PM Morrison has never attempted to grow a beard during his time in office. However, if restrictions remained in place much longer, he might have opted to try the lockdown look.

Giuseppe Conte

🇮🇹 Prime Minister

Italy was the first country in Europe to go into lockdown, so PM Conte might have had longer than most to perfect the lockdown look. The real question is, is he really Keanu Reeves in disguise?

Mark Rutte

🇳🇱 Prime Minister

Without a hairdresser to visit, Dutch PM Mark Rutte would struggle keeping his normally well kept combover in check.

Narendra Modi

🇮🇳 Prime Minister

India’s Prime Minister is the only world leader on our list who normally sports a beard. However, with boredom being an issue during lockdown, he might be tempted to try something new.

Sebastian Kurz

🇦🇹 Chancellor

The youngest head of government in the world, we think growing a beard might be a good idea for Chancellor Kurz, making him look a little older! It’s just a shame about the untamed hair.

Pedro Sánchez

🇪🇸 Prime Minister

With think Justin Trudeau’s beard suits him the most, but Pedro Sánchez’s effort comes very, very close.

António Costa

🇵🇹 Prime Minister

The locks of Portuguese PM António Costa might have became even more unruly had lockdown lasted a minute longer.

Stefan Löfven

🇸🇪 Prime Minister

With Sweden refusing to implement a lockdown like the rest of Europe, the PM might have opted to grow a beard to disguise him from angry citizens.

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