The Thames Kayak Challenge

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The Kayakers!

Why are we doing this?

On 25 August 2010 George Campbell and a team of Bristol Combination players from Dings and Kingswood RFC will launch their 2 man kayaks at Cricklade Bridge, aiming to paddle the 162 miles to Greenwich in 3 days. They’re doing this to raise £5,000 for the Bristol Academy / EPDG, in particular to fund kit, judo lessons and the appointment of a scout / coach to help the Academy develop even more quality players. We see this as an excellent way of making a very positive difference to the future of the Club we all love.

Just to put this effort into perspective they will have to kayak:

  • 54 miles per day
  • 12 hours per day at 4.5 mph
  • Whilst carrying their 40kg kayak around 53 locks en route.

Which is probably why they’ve not been inundated with volunteers to join them!

This coming year we’re aiming to raise £5,000 for the Bristol Academy, £2,000 for Bristol Schools Rugby and a £2,400 to replace the funding of the heart rate monitors that we provided this season. A nice round £10,000 would do nicely. So please, dig deep and give generously, your contribution WILL make a difference.